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This is my first visit and/or my first facial - what treatment is best for me?

 First, we suggest taking a deep inhale and relax. There is not a wrong choice with our menu.  Every facial includes a consultation before we get you started and we can always make changes within the given timeframe if necessary.  Most people make their decisions based on two factors, being extractions and relaxation. You can always have both but sometimes you only need one or the other.  We use a product line that will help stimulate your skin, hydrate your skin and overall make it feel new and youthful again! 


How often should I come in?

 Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, these results may very.  However, most people find that regular maintenance helps their skin the most so although every 4-6 weeks is ideal you can also make it a yearly or quarterly treat! 



Is gratuity included in the total?

  It is not included, nor is it expected but it is always appreciated.  Gratuity is an additional gift given to a service provider for the quality of the work performed.  We honor all kindness that we receive in recognition of a service, even if it is not in monetary form.


If I am unable to make my appointment, may I give the slot to one of my friends?

Of course, we would love that! Because we have allotted our time for that scheduled booking, we must follow a strict cancellation policy but if you can get the spot filled we are happy to accommodate in place of your facial. Please note that the originally scheduled facial is what that person will be responsible for, including price and proper timing. 



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