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Thank you for visiting!  I am Lindsay Platt,  founder,  of Dharma Skin Spa.  My business venture started in January 2009 and has been my dream come true ever since.  The ability to make a living out of what I love to do and in my very own hometown couldn't make me happier.  My intention is to create a space that is warm and inviting to everyone that walks through my door and to always offer a very special and personalized treatment.  I want to have a skin care service that is as effective internally as well as externally.   I hope that you find all that you are looking for and your visit makes a lasting difference. 

 I started Dharma Skin Spa with the desire to give people what is almost impossible to find -- truly holistic skin care, from a whole-body-and-spirit perspective.  In our fast-paced modern life, stress, multitasking, and long hours tend to separate us from our spirits and the Earth.  Adding to this, the toxic load that each of us absorbs through our skin, food, and air, can leave our bodies and spirits exhausted and out of synch.  The largest and most mysterious organ of our body – the skin -- reflects all of it.  Skin care is so much deeper than cosmetic.  It is a communication between our bodies and the world, and the signal goes both ways.  When we listen to our skin and care for it well, our entire body and spirit get to a place of harmony.  It is with this in mind I created Dharma, and I am happy and grateful to say that I have been able to grow that vision with all of you.  


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