Dharma Facial Kit Instructions 

Welcome to your home spa!


Below is a guide to help you better understand your kit and how to use everything in it.  I recommend making a cup of tea and taking a few moments to read through everything before you get started. 

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A Brief Introduction:

I like to describe the facial in two parts. 


The first portion focuses on cleansing and detoxifying your skin. 

This is when you will be using your cleansers and scrubs. 


The second half is designed to calm, hydrate and remineralize your skin. 

This is when you indulge in your serums, creams and mask. 



The following information will guide you through the process for the perfect 

at home facial. For optimal results, I recommend making a cup of tea and taking a moment to read all of the instructions before you get started. 


Products + Supplies (Included)


Two Yellow Cellulose Sponges: 


These come compressed - just add water! These sponges are included for easy product removal. Simply rinse them with water as needed. After your facial, you can wash these in the washing machine and reuse them for weeks. 


Two Lint Free Cotton Wipes: 


These are included for one of the final steps. Make sure to keep them dry until then. You will be soaking them in a bowl of cold water to make a compress that will be applied over your face to close the pores + lock in all of the hydration. 


Wooden Spatulas: 


These are for the two creams and are also very helpful if you need to scoop any remaining product out of the bottles. 




Prep + Set Up (Gather These Things)


Facial Steam: 


For this step, you will be using a pot of boiling water +  a large towel. 


Make sure to have a safe + comfortable setting for your facial steam.  


This will be the second step in your protocol, so make sure to have a good plan in mind. 




Cold Compress: 


You will need to set aside a bowl of cold water.  


If you have any lavender essential oil, you can add a drop to the water. 


 This will be used for one of the final steps in your facial protocol. 




Other + Misc

Let's begin by transforming your home into a place of peace and tranquility. 

Set your Intentions + Cultivate your Environment 


Let your preparation be a part of your ritual. 

Creating a spa experience is all about tranquility and pampering. 

Here are some tips to simplify your ritual. 


Setting up near the kitchen can be very handy if that is possible. 

This should give you easy access to all of your materials and supples. 


Make some herbal tea, light some candles, 

burn some incense and find some calming music.


 I like to several wash clothes handy. 

A clean one to set my sponges on between steps and a 

few extra spares for easy clean up along the way. 


A large cutting board makes a great space to 

layout all of your products so that you have everything in one spot

and minimal clean up when time comes. 


Secure your hair so that it stays out of your face as much as possible.

There are helpful tutorials on youtube for making t-shirts into head wraps. 


Wear a smock or tube top so that you can easily 

access your neck and full decollate area. 


Warm towels also make a great addition to your facial.  

Not only do they feel amazing, they are an excellent 

way to make sure your skin is super clean

before you transition into the second portion of your facial. 


If you have a crock pot - this is great way to warm the towels and a great way to re-use the water from your herbal steam. Just keep the setting on low and be careful when you remove the towels, they will be HOT! You can use a pair of tongs if you have any. The towels only take a few seconds to cool off. I toss them between both of my hands until I find a comfortable temperature. Microwaving the towels is another easy option. (1-2 towels are ideal). 


Extend your ritual with a nice relaxing bath soak. 

I like to have one ready before hand.

Roll two big towels and keep them in a pretty basket by the tub. 



Remember to save your glass bottles. I have a recycle program set up that will reward you with 10% off of your next kit when you return your clean bottles.

 This kit is also really convenient for travel purposes.


Keep in mind that these products are very concentrated. A little goes a long way! You should be able to enjoy at least two facials with your kit.



Lets begin…

The Ritual 


Lemon Gel Cleanser


This cleanser will gently remove light debris and makeup. 

Add warm water and use circular motions to cleanse the skin. 

It is safe to use this over the eye area. 

 Once you have thoroughly cleansed your skin (2-3 minutes) 

you can use your yellow sponges to remove the cleanser. 

Wash out the sponges with fresh water and set aside. 




Facial Steam Blend


 Now that your skin is nice and clean, 

you will want to steam your skin and open your pores. 

The steam will extract the healing constituents of the herbs

and deliver them directly into your skin. 

This blend was created to help calm the mind and kill bacteria. 






Bring 2-3 cups of water to a boil


Add herbal steam and let the herbs steep for a couple of minutes


Remove the pot and transfer it to a safe and cozy spot. 


Cover your head with the large towel and carefully position 

your face over the bowl, using the towel as a tent to keep the steam in. 


With your eyes closed and face 5-10 inches away from the hot water, 

breath in the herbal goodness and for up to 10 minutes. 

 take a break if you need one. 


Save your water. 

 You can use it as a foot soak. Place the towel on the floor with the pot on top, add some more hot water if needed. 


You can also use it to prepare your hot towels. If you have a crock pot, you can transfer the water now and add your towels. 







Silt Scrub

ATTENTION - this product is active!  

Your skin might get red and you might notice a tingle sensation.

 For some it might be stronger than others. 

That is great! It is getting your blood moving and circulating. 

This is what will leave your skin glowing. 

If your skin does get red, it will calm down towards the second half of the facial. 



To apply, mix a small amount with water and give it a good scrub. 

Do not go over your eyes with this product

however, make sure to get close to your hairline, 

exfoliate your eyebrows, the corners of your nose and by your ears.

 Bring it down to your neck and decollate area. 






Algae Deep Cleanse


This product can be active as well but the 

botanical menthol will leave your skin 

feeling cool and refreshed.


Apply this cleanser with water and massage it into the skin. 

Make sure to have it on the skin for a good 3 minutes before you rinse it off. 

Some people love to let it sit even longer like a mask. 


Remove with sponges - rinse them as needed. 

 If you have warm towels - this is perfect opportunity to use them. 

Start with the sponges and follow with your hot towels.   



Optional step -  I like to “tap” this product to help activate it. 

You can use your fingers to do this - 

just tap in an upward motion - like you are lifting your skin as you tap it.

 I start with my pointer finger (no thumb necessary) and then follow 

with the next three fingers - one by one. 



Facial Serum

(Optional Option)

Now that your skin is nice and clean and the pores are open 

it is time to apply your custom serum.

 Gentle shake your bottle to mix the ingredients. 

You only need a small amount. 

Enough to massage into your face, neck + decolette area. 


(*serum only included in full facial kit)


Massage Cream


 This cream will literally melt in your hands.

 It can be massaged over your entire face, neck and decolette,

 or you can use it as an eye cream and spot treatment.


Here is a link for a lymphatic drainage facial massage video. 


Allow this cream to stay on your skin. No need to remove it. 




Matcha Green Tea Mask


 This gel mask can be applied over the massage cream. 

You will want to let it sit for about 20 minutes. 

The perfect time to enjoy your tea! 


The majority of this mask will absorb into your skin,

 but you will be using the cold compress below 

to remove any residual mask. 


(*mask only included in full facial kit)


Cold Compress


Time to use your lint free cotton wipes. 


Handle them with care. 

 They are fragile and if possible you want to 

prevent them from tearing in half. 


Submerge them in the bowl of water and 

squeeze out any excess water. 

Do not let them sit too long in the water. 



One will be used on the top portion of your face, 

covering your forehead, eyes + nose. 

The other one will be used for the bottom portion of your face. 

Starting under your bottom lip and finishing on your neck. 


You can gently stretch the fabric to form into your face. 


When you are ready to apply them, 

you will want to be laying down. 

Lightly press them onto your skin, 

rest with them on for 5-10 minutes. 


Remove the compress, fold them in half with the fresh side exposed. 

You can now use them to wipe down your face super clean. 


Soothing Cream


 Last but not least. 

 It is time to add your soothing cream. 

This cream is safe to use over the eyes. 

Make sure to get your neck + decolette as well.