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An Infrared Light Ritual 

Boost your skins health with Near Infrared Light Therapy. Known to be one of the best natural anti aging tools in the the industry, it also helps promote wound healing, can help fight acne and so much more. 

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Face Only - $60

45 minutes.

This session begins with a body balance mediation and relaxing scalp massage. We will then cleanse your skin using a calming lavender cleanser and botanical toner before applying a serum blend that is customized for your skin care needs. The healing ingredients of the products will be optimized as you rest under the heated lamp while listening to the sound of ocean waves to calm your mind. We finish your service with a soothing moisturizer and sunscreen that will leave your skin rejuvenated

for the day ahead. 

Face + Back - $90

75 minutes. 

This extended version devotes 30 extra minutes that are focused on your back and shoulders. Choose between an Analgesic Herbal Oil (peppermint based blend) or Serene Herbal Oil to help relief muscle tension. 


  Near infrared sends photons of light deep into the body that activate the mitochondria (energy) of the cell. 

  Tissue Repair

  Wound Healing 

  Increases circulation, blood flow and oxygen. 

  Vibrant skin and hair 

  Improved function of neurons and cells working together. 

  Inflammation reduction at the cell and tissue level. 

  Accelerates cellular healing and regeneration of nerves, muscles and bone. 

  Mitochondria stimulation and repair 

  Reduces oxidative stress and helps improve the appearance of skin. 


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