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An Infrared Light Ritual 

Enjoy the many healing benefits of Near Infrared Light combined with relaxation for a unique experience that will leave you looking and feeling younger. 

This service regenerates on a cellular level that can help reverse aging by stimulating collagen and elastin production as well

as fighting  acne by reducing

 inflammation and bacteria.  

Infrared Light Therapy can rejuvenate your skin, boost your mood and activate your natural glow in as little as one session. This gentle non invasive treatment mimics the restorative wavelengths found in natural sunlight, giving your cells the energy boost that they need. The warmth from the red light travels deep into the skin and helps deliver the nutrient rich products that are applied during your session. 

Infrared light is one of the most potent ways for preparing your skin to receive the amazing benefits from active ingredients and often touted as "The Fountain of Youth" treatment. 

Infrared light therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions, ranging from muscle inflammation to skin concerns such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis and even discoloration.  The low level wavelengths are safe yet penetrate healing energy deep beyond the epidermal layer. This energy helps our cells restore and regenerate themselves. 

Infrared light helps diminish both the bacteria and the inflammation that can contribute to acne. Photobiomodulation also improves wound and soft tissue healing, offering relief for pain. 

Infrared light easily penetrates the skin, boost circulation and brings more nutrients to the targeted area. The increases in blood flow is shown to reduce inflammation and this action helps support natural cellular regeneration. The extra support speeds up the body's natural healing process. 



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