Dharma Blend Bar 

Masks * Serums * Bath * Scrubs


The Blend Bar gives you the opportunity to experiemnt with your creative side and make your own products.  We supply the staple ingrediants and supplies so all you have to do is pick what you would like to blend for your home spa regimine. 


 3-4 ingrediants are suggested for most blends. If youl would like to know more about the ingrediants - click on the links proveded for more detilas.  Please share your blends with the rest of the world! #dharmablendbar


Mask Ingrediants 

Activated Charcoal  - 




Serum Ingrediants 

Aromatic Emulsion Pure/Balance/Sensitive 


Algae Serum Neroli/Rose/Jasmine 



Disclamer (exapmple from another website)


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