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Dharma Wellness Ritual

A healing and restorative treatment that focuses on bringing harmony to your
mind + body + soul
Your session will begin with a relaxing scalp massage to calm the mind. We then bring awareness to your whole body
by massaging a warm herbal infused oil into your shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet. 
The remainder of time is intended for you to enjoy a nap or meditation while the herbal oil continues to absorb deeper into your skin. 
Organic tea will be provided for you after your session, while you transition back into reality. 
This whole body, spirit healing experience will make a lasting difference in you and your skin. 
<<< >>>
Enjoy this treatment at the PROMO price of $125  through March 2022
Regular Price TBA
Approximately 90 min
(Including tea time)
Mask friendly service.
If you are more comfortable leaving your face mask on and still want to unwind, this is the perfect solution!
To encourage relaxation, please enjoy 10% off of retail
for your home practice. 
(same day, Wellness Boutique purchases only)



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